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Me trying to see my work from another perspective
photo: of course by Czenda, summer 2013
Fashawn, Thank You! 
Third person I drew at Hip Hop Kemp that day was Murs. I also drew him at the time he was interview by popkiller. I sat in a good angle and it made me draw easier. He liked it and kept it. He is very funny guy though.
I also drew Fashawn at Hip hop Kemp. I did it when he was inteviewed by popkiller. I remember watching Far Left video on TV like four years ago and now I am drawing this guy. Wow.He was super cool. When I asked him if I can draw him, he told me without hesitating: “Of course, yes please.” And when I showed him the drawing he was happy with it. He said he likes the rawness and he has never ever been portrayed. He kept it. I really appreciate that.
Drawing of Burney MC I did at Hip Hop Kemp 2013. He is emcee from Uganda and very fine guy. He posed for me, sitting without a move in the festival park. He was very happy for the drawing and kept it.
Unrealized t-shirt design for Kruton 
Unrealized t-shirt design for Kruton 

S/O to Mary C, Serengeti is definitely a cool guy.

Photo by David Urbanczyk.

Elvis T-shirt Remixxxphoto: Czenda
Serengeti vs. Kenny DennisCZ/SK TourGIF