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Even that this was my 10th experience with live drawing artist at concert I am as nervous I am always. But thanks to Paul the atmosphere was very supportive. I started with hair.
During the drawing Paul sits very quietly. Its little bit funny, the club is banging and he sits here without any move.
Me: I really appreciate your patienceP: It’s a meditation for me. Thank you that you do that for me.
Well, that was the best payoff. 

7/2/14, Prague, Kruton Birthday
I met Hezekiah chillin in the backstage. He introduce himself and the the interview was like this:Nice to meet you, my name is Radim.Raheem? No Raheem, Radim. R-A-D-I-M.Radim.It’s actually a slavonic name. Its means the advicer.OK, I see.
I was drawing during he was interviewed and I first used colours. And it went great. Hezekiah really liked the drawing, and I think that this is my best Live Drawing so far.
He was peaceful, chilling and enjoying the festival. Very nice to meet.

So this was HipHopKemp 2013, an amazing experience, great musical performances (shabazz, oddissee, kendrick, murs and fash) and 5 portraits of Live Drawing (burney mc, fashawn, murs, ishmael butler and hezekiah).
Sittin in backstage and watching Guilty Simpson playing with iPad. He complained about it. Man, I used to have his poster in my room. Crazy. This was great.
THX to Mary C, Radio Wave and Marcin Natali from Popkiller
Drawing of Ishmael Butler of Shabazz Palaces at HiphopKemp 2013. He liked it and kept it. During the night I was seeing him in the festival area with the drawing in his pocket.
I considered Shabazz’s show as one of the best from the whole festival. Another fucking planet. Yes. Beats. Africa. Voice of Is.
Thanks to Marcin from popkiller and also to Mary C from Radio Wave.
And also, there’s funny story with a turned light off.
The moment when you draw Ishmael Butler from Shabazz Palaces (after a show that you saw a few days ago and it absolutely stun you) and the lights just TURN OFF. So I was sitting in the dark and fortunately Mary C came and shone me with her phone. Thank you M! Such a nice moment. The lights was was turnt on soon. HipHopKemp 2013
Fototestival Uničov 2014 poster
Me trying to see my work from another perspective
photo: of course by Czenda, summer 2013
Fashawn, Thank You! 
Third person I drew at Hip Hop Kemp that day was Murs. I also drew him at the time he was interview by popkiller. I sat in a good angle and it made me draw easier. He liked it and kept it. He is very funny guy though.
I also drew Fashawn at Hip hop Kemp. I did it when he was inteviewed by popkiller. I remember watching Far Left video on TV like four years ago and now I am drawing this guy. Wow.He was super cool. When I asked him if I can draw him, he told me without hesitating: “Of course, yes please.” And when I showed him the drawing he was happy with it. He said he likes the rawness and he has never ever been portrayed. He kept it. I really appreciate that.
Drawing of Burney MC I did at Hip Hop Kemp 2013. He is emcee from Uganda and very fine guy. He posed for me, sitting without a move in the festival park. He was very happy for the drawing and kept it.
Unrealized t-shirt design for Kruton 
Unrealized t-shirt design for Kruton